Thursday, February 25, 2010


1. Global warming is 100% natural .                                                     (global warming follows cooling & vice versa)

2. Man creates pollution and GHGs .                 (Pollution  is 100% man made  but it can be 100%natural (volcanoes)

3. No established scientific link between warming & GHGs

4. Global warming  always follow cooling and cycle should be studied and understood in totality.

5. Global warming and cooling are like day and night   but with longer durations say approx 1167 years for one cycle

6. Transition from warming to cooling is like dawn and dusk.

7. Even if  all GHGs are removed global warming will  happen

8.  Even if global average temperatures rises to  maximum levels 
       maximum GHG levels are reached 
       GLOBAL COOLING will happen

9. This clearly shows 
Global warming and cooling are independent of increased GHGs and temperature rise 

10. Stop playing carbon games and  built sustainable habitats in geologically sound locations

What does warming really means.....????
It really means 
more glacier melt, more water and  more floods in mountains and inter mountain valley regions 
more cyclones/hurricanes in coastal areas............

What can  be done by the govts........?????? 
Built sustainable habitats in geologically sound locations 

Prepare geological maps and identify the flood prone and cyclone affected areas 

 Does it mean that all habitations in disastrous zones need to be rehabilitated.......????
If possible yes or it should be left to the individuals but they should know that  their habitations is susceptible to flooding / cyclones. 

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