Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dr Ritesh Arya letter to PM Shri Manmohan Singh on GLOBAL WARMING

We all know that glaciers are melting,floods are part of day, sea level rise and land submergence will be the order of day all induced due to warming but the way it was being projected by IPCC under chair of Pachuari really is questionable because it seems IPCC or for that matter anybody it seems have no clue about what they were saying about warming.
We need better technologies to curb pollution and alternate energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels there is nothing wrong in all the statements but there is lot of doubt when global warming is related to man made activities. or increased temperatures or GHGs.
Global warming is just a natural phenomenon and man actually has no role to influence the warming process

I was really disappointed that the honest govt like yours is supporting Manipulator of global warming processes

Secondly inspite of the fact that we have invented the best technologies to curb pollution and increased our dependency from fossil fuel at present to alternate sources of energy to reduce our carbon footprints and also help us to increase the carbon credits and play the carbon credit games properly still we and our civilisations will be washed because of the simple flash flood activities or a simple cyclone,  as our future generations will be busy playing the carbon credit games. Which IPCC is projecting as a means to curb pollution reduce green house gases and check the impacts of  global warming processes.

Time has come to rethink global warming and understand the concept in totality away from playing gimmicks and handling the concept ideologically correctly.

Simple solution to handle global warming process is to build sustainable habitats in geologically sound locations.

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