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Scientists (do not) Agree That Humans Cause Global Warming: Dr Ritesh Arya

Scientists Agree That Humans Cause Global Warming

The entire community comes to see the reasons for climate change

Instead of continuing to survey the general population on the causes of global warming, researcher Peter Doran, an associate professor of earth and environmental sciences at the University of Illinois in Chicago, working with Maggie Kendall Zimmerman, a former graduate student, asked over 10,200 experts from all around the world to answer a few global warming-related questions for him, in an online questionnaire. The conclusions weren't surprising at all – more than 90 percent of the 3,146 respondents agreed that mean temperatures went up compared to 1800 levels, while 82 said that humans were largely responsible for this occurrence.
The online questionnaire could only be accessed via invitation, and only experts were invited to 

participate. The researchers sent e-mails to research labs, private companies, and governmental research centers from around the world. They got the list of names from the 2007 issue of the American Geological Institute's Directory of Geoscience Departments.

However, the survey did yield some interesting results. Petroleum geologists and meteorologists were among those doubting human influence on the environment, rating at 47 and 64 percent, respectively. And while in the case of geologists handling oil was the clear reason why they responded the way they did, the researchers were very amazed to find that meteorologists doubted human influence as well.

“The petroleum geologist response is not too surprising, but the meteorologists' is very interesting. Most members of the public think meteorologists know climate, but most of them actually study very short-term phenomenon (sic),” Doran said.

He added that more than 97 percent of climatologists that had answered the survey believed that the human factor was the most important one in global warming and in climate change. “They're the ones who study and publish on climate science. So I guess the take-home message is, the more you know about the field of climate science, the more you're likely to believe in global warming and humankind's contribution to it,” the lead researcher concluded.

Comment #1 by: ritesh arya on 21 Jan 2009, 12:27 GMT
                                     Global warming is natural: Enjoy it

If global warming is man made then how would one explain the cooling in near future.
Articles in nature should reflect the scientific opinion and not be based on surveys and political/ business statements.
Al Gore in his inconvienient truth tried to highlight the warming by experimenting with the frog as a scientist we are in age of Homo sapiens and how amphibians respond to the climate changes is entirely different from the human response.

Global warming and colling are cyclic processes global warming leads to melting of glaciers flodding cyclones increased sea level rise but imagine what would cooling lead to how many of us including UN IPCC memebers would love to live in Antarctica or Arctic Neither biotic(Man or his activities) nor abiotic( geological factors like earthquakes,volcanoes etc ) can have any impact on sustaianble basis on warming or cooling they are bound to happen iresspective of what man does.

Pollution is man made but global warming is natural we can control polution but not warming

         Comment #1.1 by: Tudor Vieru on 21 Jan 2009, 13:23 GMT
You don't have a clue what you're talking about.
Your statements are so fundamentally wrong, and denote a kinder-garden mentality.
But if you'd rather stick your head in the sand, that's fine by me.
Just don't try to convince any people that what you're saying is true.
Luckily, people are starting to see the truth, and no longer fall for stunts like the one you just pulled.

Comment #2 by: ritesh arya on 27 Sep 2009, 17:12 GMT

Dear Tudor
I am happy you published my views ....
what you are saying to me applies to you also.....and your thoughts also....
and many others who are this research......

we may have different conclusions but observations and data has to be good and recorded properly....

there is great confusion in which data is collected and manipulated polluted by IPCC (international Pollution creating committee) and how and on what basis are they holding GHGs CO2 etc to enhance the global warming natural cycles where as till date no formula has been worked out to establish their direct relationship.. Its all imagination and no truths........

And we want to take action on these imaginative conclusions....

There is relationship well established between Pollution and technologies....
pollution is man made.....Awarded patented technologies of past are polluting technologies of today

but global warming is part of natural cyclic day and night....
floods,cyclones,sea level rise,glacial melt.....are inevitable...but they will happen when their time comes.......and man has no role over it to control over it. Neither enhance it or reduce it.
Best thing is we can Enjoy it by building sustainable habitat in geologically sound lovations

Pollution is man made and can be controlled.....

i will love to end this by modifying the old proverb
Old Proverb Modified by Dr Ritesh Arya to sum up global warming

I leave the judgement on the people wise enough to see the truth,and no longer fall for stunts and fictitious datas generated by IPCC and likes
to make billions instead of suggesting right solutions in right direction so that our brothers and sisters susceptible to these natural calamities can live harmoniously with these forces of global warming by building habitats in geologically stable locations instead of recreational habitats build for
economic considerations only

Comment #3 by: Tudor Vieru on 30 Sep 2009, 13:28 GMT
You must now be thinking "Thank God for the IPCC, otherwise I wouldn't have had anyone to blame the 'global warming conspiracy on'". There are sufficient people like you out there, unfortunately. I don't know about you personally, but most of the others are either oblivious to their impact on the environment, or simply play the agenda of large fossil fuel companies. These companies have been proven countless times over to influence lobby group, by paying them dirty money to argue for oil and coal in front of national governments.

The type of mentality you are sporting is dangerous for two reasons. One, you believe that there is a higher force that dictates the cycles, and that has created everything. Secondly, you feel like humans cannot influence nature sufficiently enough to make a difference in its natural cycles. You gracefully ignore countless studies linking CO2 and methane to global warming and climate change. You ignore long-term measurements showing how the natural trends are all but gone from what's happening now. I suggest you pick up some books and remedy that.

of course, the IPCC is wrong and you are right, you and whatever obscure site entitle truth about(insertwhatevernamehere)dot org. The IPCC does not conduct studies in itself. There are research groups from around the world that compile the reports, each of them laden with details from their respective countries of origin. How you can simply ignore all that is beyond me. You keep such an aerial set of arguments, that one doesn't even know where to start to argue against them. And that is your line of thought's biggest advantage and flow - it's so general that it would make any intelligent person laugh first off. These arguments only influence those who are weak-minded, and susceptible to believing this type of cheap propaganda

Comment #4 by: ritesh arya on 20 Nov 2009, 02:59 GMT
Dear Tudor
Whatever you have written applies to you and people like you also

who believe
"Man can create.........."

Yes there is no denying fact that god or you may call it natural processes operate in Nature

Man is creation of one of these Natural Cycles and is not responsible for creating these Natural cycles
and you don't require funds to understand this simple logic

The type of mentality you are supporting is very dangerous for two reasons also
1. There is no established relationship between GHGs or now CO2 increase with temperatures...some people want create panic and want to jump on conclusions
and PLAY GAMES........
This time it is CARBON CREDITS game

I ask simple question

2. I assure you and people like you that even if we remove all the GHGs or so called emissions are reduced to whatever levels

CO2 AND GHGs are our friends
there is absolute relationship between population increase and CO2 levels
and I think every school in the world teaches this relationship

DONNOT fool around with basic facts

running after GHGs or playing CARBON CREDITS GAME will not save the world from wraths of warming
and billions for few and we know we already have billionaire

Keep earning .......

but remember when Iraq was attacked Sadam was murdered and Iraqs suffered
US got oil

GLOBAL WARMING will not spare any one
it knows no boundaries....(of developing and so called developed world)
The whole world will be effected
and our children will be the main sufferers because they will
be busy playing CARBON CREDIT GAME (Courtesy:: you know the name this time!!)

Major civilizations in the past owe their evolution and extinction to global warming in the past

Forget the lessons of the past and you end your existence

Comment #4.1 by: Tudor Vieru on 20 Nov 2009, 09:09 GMT
You are completely and utterly wrong. Saying that there is no connection between GHG and global warming is simply stupid, ignorant, and false. In short, it is a bold lie, that you hope to pass as the truth. There are literally hundred of studies to testify this connection, and only a couple of other saying differently, mostly funded by the people who want to keep destroying our world. So, go read some studies, learn to look pass pre-GHG propaganda, and then write statements like you just did.

Comment #5 by: ritesh arya on 22 Nov 2009, 08:54 GMT

All papers which link GHGs to global warming phenomenon needs a rethought

if bible does not believe in evolution or that earth is round the truth remains the truth

all papers which link the two global warming pollution and GHGs need reexamining

I would just say what you have written applies to you also....

Research on warming and its link with GHGs or pollution is in its infancy but conclusions drawn are just un thinkable.....

its time to built sustainable habitats in geologically sound locations to combat warming.....
playing carbon credits game will only help the so called developed countries fill thier own ppockets without actually fighting the real cause of warming

Enjoy Warming
Man is capable of creating pollution
He is too small to have any impact on warming


the discussion on the topic ends

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